Day One: Juniper Ambassadors’ Cookbook for 2014 is out!

Juniper just released the latest Juniper Ambassador cookbook today, and have included some articles that I have written over the past year. You can download it via the link below. My Recipes are Recipe #6, and Recipe #9:

There’s some fantastic resources in here about the SRX and MX, and interoperability with other vendors. I hope you all enjoy this book!

Quick Tip: TOS Ping in JUNOS

I recently ran into an issue with Class of Service on an SRX device where DSCP markings on traffic we not being seen on an upstream router when going through an SRX. After running packet captures showing the DSCP-marked traffic leaving the SRX the customer still wanted to proceed with troubleshooting the SRX as being at fault.

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SRX – Configuring a DHCP Server

It’s been a while since I wrote up a new post, so I thought I would come back with a nice post about the changes in configuring DHCP Servers on the SRX’s. Since Junos 12.x a new DHCP process came out to help fix some long standing issues with the existing feature. In this post I will discuss the old configuration, some of the problems I would regularly encounter, and the configuration of the new DHCP process.

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Juniper Secure Access Configuration Push

And now for something completely different… Many enterprises have multiple Secure Access (SA) or MAG appliances distributed globally to provide better remote access experiences to users all around the world. This post will discuss the need for a configuration push option, as well as describe how to perform said push.

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Conditional Route Advertising on SRX

Junos is a very powerful networking operating system, and by harnessing it we can perform more unusual tasks than we could with other alternatives. Today I will discuss a more unusual scenario to utilize conditional router advertisements and NAT to provide access to services. When the network is unavailable then the SRX will automatically disable its advertised routes.

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Converting an MX Virtual Chassis to MX MC-LAG

The MX960 platform is known as one of Juniper’s flagship platforms in that it is flexible enough for deployments across services providers and enterprises alike. Recently I had the experience of converting an MX960 Virtual Chassis (VC) to an MX960 Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Group (MC-LAG). This post discusses how the migration was performed.

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